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general contractor

We are proud to provide design, construction, and remodeling services throughout Florida. We boast a team of committed and experienced professionals who will deliver high-quality services.

Needs analysis and definition of objectives.

Preparation of estimates.

Design and intervention proposal.

Calculations and budgets.

Assembly of work plan.

Permits and inspections.

Execution of project administration.


We carry out all kinds of residential projects, from the design and budgeting of a new turnkey construction as well as the remodeling project of existing units that want to be adapted to a new style. We offer the architectural and engineering design that is required to carry out this type of works, and we coordinate and manage the project from start to finish, coordinating the entire interdisciplinary team that requires this type of works, controlling budget and quality. We specialize in quality finishes and in the use of new automation technologies, innovating in each of our projects.

Work on building estimates together with the client in an open and transparent process.

Clients moving to Florida can rely on our quality service and weekly reports.


Calculations and budget for adaptation of commercial areas. Design, construction, and remodeling of all types of commercial spaces.

Restaurants and bars.

Warehouses / Shopping Centers.

Commercial and private offices.

Commercial premises in shopping centers.

space marine

We specialize in reinventing yachts, seeking improvements in internal and external spaces, and making designs based on owners’ needs.

Interior design and transformation.

Exterior design and transformation.

Audio and video installation.

Lighting improvement.

Installing names.

Selection and purchase of furniture and equipment.

Design and construct new innovated spaces.

Interior / Exterior.

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